More solutions to serve bilingual audiences with public media broadcasts
Why is public media failing to meet the needs of bilingual audiences in its broadcasts?

February 2023

The road to Hell is paved with DEI misconceptions... and there are lots
A. Martinez and Erika Aguilar discuss NPR's first bilingual special coverage of President Biden's annual speech.

January 2023

For many public radio and television organizations, the goal of creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace can seem like an uphill battle. Despite…
Public broadcasting is always at its most active when there are big news stories happening, elections, or races to prepare for. Without some of those in…

December 2022

2022 was an exceptional year for public media Latina/o/e/x content and engagement efforts.
Jasmine Garsd examines Lionel Messi and belonging in the NPR/Futuro Media podcast

November 2022

WUNC's Celeste Gracia details the journey to best serve Latinx audiences
Election Day should get us asking more deeply about how we frame Latinx voting

October 2022

12 years in, the famed show's hosts talk representation and rebuilding
TLDR: test your assumptions about Latino audiences